Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

I wish I had a more exciting day but alas, (my word Tracy) I did not. I got up a little late this morning but still made it on time to school. I have so many papers to grade! it is crazy how far an English teacher can get behind in just two weeks. In a lot of classes you don't have work coming in right away everyday but by definition Language Arts is nothing but a big, sick paper trail.

I have also been going to church in the afternoons when I get off of work. I am trying to get all the stuff ready for SWAT. The beginning is going to be interesting for us all while we learn how everything will work best. I am wicked excited about it though!

Well, I am sweaty and gross from my 3.3 miles of walking tonight at the gym. I burned of 588 calories so maybe I should go have a twinkie ... NOT! Actually one of my great joys in life is when I walk the treadmill next to a 85 pound anorexic woman and because I am still a BIG guy, I walk off four times as many calories in half the time as she does. It makes my pudgy genetically defective heart smile to see her work so hard and get so little! I know I am bad! Anyway, peace out and all that stuff!

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tracy said...

no. "ALAS" is my word. Thank you very much.