Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Is Here!!!
Jasper Speaks:

The first week of school is over tomorrow and so far I have survived. I am sure it will have its ups and downs but tomorrow is payday and that is a happy thing!

I thought Jeff rocked the house at Reality Check last night.His sermon really spoke to me. Sometimes I wear a lot of hats and it is convicting to be called out on it. I think I know why God kept putting that message off all summer because it was a perfect end to the series. Go Jeff!

Betsy is here! It is fun having some Mainers around! Keagan and Semaj are very cute and I am having a blast playing with them!

Went to Mobap yesterday. It was this odd experience where the physical aspects of the school I knew had drastically changed but then there was this time warp when I spotted certain people. Dr. Allen and Dr. Faszold crossing the parking lot. Linda Chrisope smiling at me in the admin building. Laurie Gowen (Wallace) helped me to remember runny eggs from my old breakfast club days. And of course Kathleen McCaffery (Went) will always be a fun face of familiarity on a visit there!

Well I am off to play Phase 10 with the Mainers! More to come!

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