Thursday, September 14, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

I came into the school today and there was an overwhelming smell of natural gas in the building. They evacuated everyone and wouldn't let kids off the bus. They even turned the buses back in a position to go home. The Fire Department came. Then they gave an all clear. UG! So, we got teased with another free day but alas, (my word) it didn't happen. That makes me sad!


By the way, Stinka and Brian rocked the house last night! You did a great job. God was very honored in your efforts! You brought so much to the service!


Just asking for prayer if you get the chance. Things have been slow and discouraging for our adoption stuff. We had another frustrating day today with it all. We are just not sure what is just a slow part of the process and what may be (if there is any) an issue with us. It just has us both low today. Thanks in advance for remembering us to the Father!

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tracy said...

Alas! (my word!!!) I wish we could have a free day too. In fact...a COUPLE of free days would be great.