Monday, September 04, 2006

I Love Technology ... NOT!

Jasper Speaks:

So, Kendra came into a little cash and REALLY wanted an iPod since she recently joined the gym (go Kendra!). I got online and ordered her a Nano from Circuit City. The problem is, I already have a 30 Gig and now iTunes is being all stupid with her playlists. Because all my music is in our iTunes, it won't load anything but one playlist for her. It is annoying and I have SO given up for tonight. She does have workout and worship music. I will try and fiddle with it tomorrow.

It is also taking FOREVER for my camera to download pics onto the computer and so tonight I hate technology. Pray for Kendra, she got this REALLY bad headache absolutely in an instant tonight. I am the worry wart. It isn't just a regular headache but a worrisome EVIL headache. She wouldn't let me take her to the ER. I go into worst case scenario mode and well ...

Had a great time in Brookfield. It was relaxing. Tomorrow is a Professional Development Day so no kids! Hoorah!

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