Friday, September 22, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

Here are the random thoughts in my head:

-Friday night tv sucks
-Seafood buffet is yummy
-Even the teacher is getting tired of Anne Frank
-A student sounds completely dumb when she asks, "Didn't they have a cell phone in the Secret Annex" (I am not kidding about this question --- it really happened)
-Child predators should be beaten with a nail gun and a jar of lemon juice

-People keep trying to steal babies. That makes me sad.

-I love my rubber ducky
-It has been a really, really bad diet week
-Red Velvet Cake is pretty yummy!

-So are cupcakes
-I love Q-tips
-Some criminals are pretty stupid
-I wish I could play a cool instrument like a tuba or something
-Clowns are silly
-Ham and beans is not a favorite meal of Kendra's. I am not much of a fan either.
-I like sweet cornbread
-Rachel Ray is pretty cool. Does that make me a geek?

-Coffee makes me pee --- A LOT!

-God forgives us time and time again. I don't appreciate that enough.
-I miss people in Maine tonight. I love the Fosses and the Milkins. The Cawleys and the Sargents rock too.

-Aaron Chapman is pretty much my version of mini-me, so says Grace Baker at least

-I love my Honors Class. They get my jokes.
-You should never kill your father and marry your mother.

-Dogs shouldn't wear clothing
-One White Castle Cheesburger is 63 cents. That seems rather expensive to me for something that will contribute to your death by clogged arteries

-My wife is INCREDIBLY hot
-Victor that's all, just Victor

-Sometimes Jessica Simpson deserves to be farted on
-I am convinced that Tracy and Lynda are addicted to surgeries

-I am pretty convinced that watching What Not To Wear makes you a little gayer by the minute
-I need to clip my toenails and get a haircut
-Good grooming is important

-I hate it when my fingernails get dirty

-I could never be a mechanic
-The wheels on my van could have flown off at any minute. I think that is dangerous.

-It is going to cost $400 to get my van out of the shop
-I SHOULD have been a mechanic
-Moldy oranges are not to be eaten

-If Jessi dates a guy named Jesse it would be cool because then she would be Jesse's girl but weird because Jessi would be Jesse's girl

-That last statement confused me
-If the CW is the new network, does anyone know what CW stands for?

-Oooh Tyra Banks

-Sometimes blood tastes ok
-I am not a vampire

-The Kentucky Team is quite possibly one of the greatest strokes of casting genuis in Amazing Race History! Go Team Redneck!
-I like buttons
-I do not want any of Jessi's hampsters
-Getting hit in the head by a Softball Sized piece of Hail would not be fun
-Jessi is in this a lot because I just read her blog --- it inspired my random thoughts

-It is sad that all I have to do on a Friday night is blog random thoughts

1 comment:

tracy said... many episodes of What Not to Wear HAVE you watched? *giggle*

And..its not the surgies we are addicted too...its the lovely pain medicine. *smiling*