Saturday, September 02, 2006

Random Thoughts from Rural Missouri

Jasper Speaks:

- Four Wheelers are not the most interesting things to put into a parade
- My mother-in-law makes the best cinnamon rolls on earth and I would almost give up the diet altogether to eat them everyday
- My wife is beautiful and I don't deserve her
- I have changed my profile pic to this:

This picture is proof I can SO get a hot chick to kiss me!

- Betsy Moseley is a really neat person (not that this is news to me but it has been great getting reaquainted with her)
- Wow! Dustin Mathenia saved a kid's life on mission trip
- My brother-in-law Tim is a great guy and I am glad he came down this weekend to see us
- My nephew Alex is going to be like 8 feet tall someday! He's a freshman in high school and HUGE. And still only weighs like 96.5 pounds or something like that. He disapers when he turns sideways, I swear!
- I REALLY need to call Brian and Ruth Cawley
- I wonder who actually reads my blog
- It should be 65 degrees all day everyday
- Sometimes, I just miss my mom. I should visit her more often
- Tracy King has had some really gross surgeries
- The Braves lost tonight and it bugged my mother-in-law and made me chuckle. They lost REALLY badly!
- How the heck did some of these kids get in my Honors English class?????
- Kettle Corn = A pop of Heaven and a piece of diet Hell
- Gotta go to the gym a lot this week
- No matter what, Jessi Sneed is my American Idol!
- Teenage boys will absolutely eat ANYTHING!
- I miss my iPod. We forgot it at home.
- Christian Utley is pretty cool
- So is Jennie Seibert
- And Ana can be too!
- When I grow up, I might want to be Mike Laws. He radiates coolness
- Jeff Wells is WAY underappreciated. You should tell him how cool he is!
- Jeff the Intern is amazing in all things audio visual. I just watched most of the mission trip dvds and --- wow! He is pretty cool for a nerd!
- Sara Westcoat is cool because soon I will be able to say, "Well, I have this friend who lives in Africa and she says ..."
- Even though summer is over, it is still cool to call the young one, Jeff the Intern
- There should be more cows in Brookfield, Misssouri
- God made me teach so I could see that we all need to be evangelists
- My favorite color is yellow --- absolutely, no doubt
- Clowns and fire don't mix
- My nose makes it's own bubble gum

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tracy said...

this picture is definite proof that you are melting! Go Jasper! Go Jasper! You've lost an entire fifth grader off of your body! WOW!