Sunday, September 17, 2006


asper Speaks:

It has been a relaxing day. After I took Betsy back to the dorm I got a nice nap. I have been kind of burning it from both ends the last few weeks, so it was nice to actually got a Sabbath today. Tomorrow should be a pretty easy school day. The kids are with us for only a half day so we have each class for just an hour. It is a B-Day which is normally a little less stressful anyway. I have my planning period first off, followed by my advocacy, followed by my Honor's Class who are taking a test the whole hour, and then one regular World Lit class. I hope it all flies by. I am not a huge fan of Professional Development Days and that is how we are spending the rest of the day. YUCK! We normally get an hour and a half for lunch so that is a nice trade off.

It was nice to see that Ana was not dead afterall. I was afraid there was a Bosnian Mafia hit and I had missed the news reports. Today was a great hair day for like every girl (including my BEAUTIFUL WIFE) that I saw at church. Odd. Odd that it was such a good hair day day and odd that I would notice.

I really think Global Focus could change a lot of things for the good at church. It is pretty exciting!

Amazing Race is back. It looked like it was going to be the "world religions" season but the Muslims and Buddhists were the first knocked off. I really do love this show!

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