Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Jasper Speaks:
It was another good day with the girls. Reality Check was good tonight. BECKY AND STINKA ROCK! I've got this rash ...

Had a leader's meeting afterwards. Made it home just in time to read stories to Nicole before bed. She will be wiped in the morning. It killed me tonight at church when I was tellingg her goodbye. I told her that I had to stay for a meeting but Kendra would get her to bed. She looked up to me with those HUGE brown eyes and said, "but who will read me my Bible stories?" Kicked in the gut! So, I was glad to get home in time to read and pray with her! I will miss those moments I am sure.

Also, Kaylie and Lexie Sneed are just about the most FANTASTIC little girls (next to mine) on the planet!

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