Friday, October 13, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

So, this whole dad thing is WAY tiring. Nicole and I have really bonded. I have watched Cinderella, The Barbie Nutcracker, Belle's Enchanted Adventure, and most of Alice in Wonderland today. YIKES! I am feeling WAY too girly! Seriously though, Nicole is a precious girl who has already stolen my heart. Tonight I got to really share Jesus with her. It was awesome. We were reading bedtime stories and one was a book of prayer and we got to talking about how God is everywhere. I told her she could talk to God anytime she wanted and He would listen. I told her she would never really be alone because He is always there. She then said that she had never seen God but she had seen a picture of Jesus and he was hanging on something, dead. She asked me why he was dead. So, I took her through the colors on my bracelet and told her that the best part of the story is that Jesus didn't stay dead. She gave me this incredible shocked look and asked why not. I told her because He lived again so we would never have to really die. It was a lot for her to take in but it is so humbong to share Jesus' love with her for what seems to be her first time. She is still having some major issues at bedtime. She won't sleep in her room. Please pray that we conquer this soon. We are making progress as she has gone from the floor in our room to the love seat in the living room in just one night. Now we have about thirty more feet to go ... Savana is a precious baby. She is sweet and cries very little. Today she cried when we gave her a bath and oddly enough when my mom tried to hold her. She is a beautiful reminder of the simple love of God. We still don't know how long the girls will be with us. It could be the weekend or a few weeks, a few months or even longer. Nicole asks a lot of questions about that at bedtime. During the day she is happy and energetic. At bedtime, we see the walls fall and her little fears and lack of understanding surface. It will break your heart. Please pray for "our girls" and for their mother. We are praying that even right now, God is doing a great work in her life. If you have an extra second, throw up a couple of shout outs to Jesus for us as well. It is only 9:30 and it feels like 3:00AM. His strength is perfect ...

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