Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

Stayed up too late watching quite possibly the best baseball game of my life! I wonder if I would feel this way if the bad guys had won. It was a classic that reminds me why I love the game.

On the other big thing in our lives note, our girls are most likely leaving us soon. The court case went well in favor of their mother taking them back. She is making some good changes and they wil tell us on Monday whether or not the girls will leave that day to go back. The social worker says even if it doesn't happen on MOnday, it will happen in a couple of weeks. The baby is congested and sick now as am I. Betsy and I will take them to a clinic for a checkup today. Please pray that all goes well and goes quickly. It is a free walk-in clinic so it could take forever!

On the other hand, if the baby is up to it we will take Nicole to Crown Candy Kitchen, only the best ice cream ON THE PLANET! I might have to slpurge and get a chocolate chocolate chip cone mysel. Might have to --- yeah that's it.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

Go Cards!

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