Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

Wow. It is still all so overwhelming! Day three of parenting has had its rewarding and tiring moments. It was sweet to see our Nicole at Sara's partyplaying with Emma. She has been so reluctant to make friends and she and Emma had an instant bond. It gives me hope that she will do well at preschool on Monday. We are waiting to take her to Sunday School for another week. We will all sit in big church together tomorrow. Worshipping as a family.

Our nightly bed struggles continue. Tonight, I plan to pull the switch-a-roo. I am giving her another twenty minutes or so and then when I know she is sound asleep, I am going to try and move her from the love seat to her bed. She has promised that she will sleep there tomorrow night without a fight. Uh, yeah, sure, whatever kid. I wasn't born this morning. I have kids promise past due homework everyday. I am so not new to this kind of game! Please pray that it will go well anyway.

Nicole and I spent forty-five minutes at the park together. There were some wonderful moments there. There were also some. "Oh, my goodness this is so boring I want to put my eyes out moments". Two words for next time --- play date. We both needed more stimulating company after awhile.

Oddly, Nicole called me Dad several times today. Still don't know what to make of that.

Baby Savanna is wonderful. She was fussy last night and slept for several hours in my arms in the good ole big green chair. That provided for some much needed Jasper/baby bonding. I now think she is close to the coolest thing ever! A note to you Parkwayians, she is going to be the CUTEST baby at church tomorrow. The hardest part is picking our what ADORABLE dress she will wear.

Well, please continue to pray for us. It is exhausting work. They never go away and leave you to your thoughts. Hmmmm ... We love it and value each moment. We are just not completly sure how it will work when our jobs start to interfere. God is in control. I tried to prepare for rain and it feels like it is pouring now!

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