Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

So, today was better at school. I still hate being a teacher but today was better. It's an "A" day tomorrow so it's back to the kids who were such trouble on Tuesday. So many of them did so poorly on the test I was questioning my teaching and the difficulty of the test itself. But the other two classes did well. In A-3 I had almost all As and Bs and B-4 (that is heavy with Special Ed kids) I had a lot of Bs and Cs and a couple of As. So I know that A-1 is just evil. LOL! Well, they are not the most cooperative kids and seemingly not the stickiest gum in the pack either. I am praying to have Christ's compassion for them. When they behave in such a horrible way, that is hard.

But ... I am going to get out of dodge tomorrow. All my grades for progress reports are turned in. I shocked the secretary by being the first teacher to get all my scantron sheets in. The sheets came into my box at about 10:00AM; I had all of the sheets done and into the office by 3:00PM. That was even after starting the day with one class not even close to being calculated. B-4 took the test during last period and I was still done less than an hour later. I really want to get out of that place tomorrow. It is off to Cincinnati right after school! I may even do a General Lee jump over the buses after the final bell tomorrow. Picture my van doing this:

It SO is going to happen!

Of course the weather forecast is calling for SNOW! I hate that HORRIBLE FOUR LETTER WORD! After five years in Maine, I have lived through all the SNOW I ever I want to see. Plus, here in St. Louis people FREAK at snow so it is DANGEROUS to drive. Also, snow is like a magnet for me. It pulls me down onto the ground and --- BOOM! I fall ALL THE TIME in snow. Couple that with the already slick parking lot at work, and yup ... BROKEN HIP! So, I am praying that if it MUST snow, it will snow in such a way that school may be canceled but that it would not snow enough to throw off our trip. Yeah, I know I am picky.

I do get to see the Wilsons soon! That makes me very happy! Also, I will get a lot of free stuff at the conference. Yea free stuff! I am praying that God will reveal a lot of things to Jeff and me while we are away. I LONG for God to move in an incredible way in our group (and my personal spiritual life)! Please pray for safe travel and an incredible spiritual renewal! Peace out! Be back early next week!

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iamnettie said...

Sorry to hear teaching is not want you wanted it to be. Please know you are in my prayers every day.