Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Jasper Speaks:

So, all of my shopping is done for now. I say for now because we still need to get a gift for my mom but we aren't doing Christmas with them until NEXT Saturday so we have some time. Did a mad dash today to the mall. I hate the mall. I hate to shop without purpose. Kendra never reads this so I can safely tell you that I got a HUGE MOMENTOUS deal on a purse for her. I mean really, the deal of the century. I wrapped gifts today. Maybe the one thing I hate more than going to the mall is wrapping gifts. What's the point? you are just going to unwrap them anyway. Then I went to go see Deja Vu with my friends the Wardens. It was very good. It kept me guessing. I only figured it out like three minutes before they showed it to us. Plus, Jim Caviezel was in it and basically he could come on screen, burp and leave and the performance would be oscar worthy. Good times, great flick! It was also very nice to spend time with them. They are my "other" family. I am so their eldest child and they are a lot like parents to me. I love them and my three younger siblings! Then we picked up Kendra and had yummy Chinese food for dinner. I did buy Kendra the light up Christmas tree ornament earrings she kept going on and on about on Sunday. Lynn Utley steered me to Claire's and they were 50% off. I gave them to her tonight so she would be able to use them this weekend when we go to her mom's for Christmas festivities. They kinda look like this:
We ended the night at my mom and dad's dropping off presents for my nieces and nephews before we go out of town tomorrow. Kendra (who actually is the EXACT opposite of me and has a mean PASSION for gift wrapping) wrapped gifts for my mom and then we took my niece, Clora, home so my dad wouldn't have to go out in the fog. That could be scary. He doesn't do so well in daylight even. It was nice to see Clora and talk about her first semester in college. She is in college. Dang! I am ancient! We head out tomorrow for the middle of nowhere. Should be relaxing. Jeff Wells is a really good friend.

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