Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

I had an accident on my way to school this morning. Four car pile up right in the depressed section of highway 70. It is aptly titled I must admit. I am fine but the van will need some work. Bummer. Money stinks. We have insurance and will only have a $250 deductible but still that is $250 that will make a major difference to us. I was able to get to school (the van is drivable) and two more finals are out of the way. The van cannot be driven a lot so we will be car pooling. The auto body shop can't fix it until January 2nd. So I will be doing light traveling in the hooptie in the meantime. Just having a stinky day. Glad the crash didn't look like this:

Doesn't help with the whole feeling BLUE thing, either. Merry stinkin' Christmas.

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