Monday, December 25, 2006

Light My Candle

Jasper Speaks:

So, last night we did the marathon Christmas Eve services. We went to the Baptist Church (where I was strongly encouraged to sing in the choir and did), the Presbyterian Church, and the Catholic church. Man, I am glad I am Baptist. It was the shortest of all the services by a lot. Of course singing in the choir was odd. I didn't get to run through all the music with them before hand because I was late getting there. Then, they turned out the lights on the last song so people could light candles. Sight reading music with no lights. Not so easy. Kendra's mom was way happy I sang. Kendra owes me big time. This morning we got up to fresh hot homemade cinnamon rolls and presents. I got a wicked cool stocking from my mother-in-law. I also got a lot of new shirts from everyone which I really needed so that is cool. The highlight of the morning so far (and this is especially for you HCBC youth and alums) was "The Chad" stopped by for a visit this morning. It was good to see him. I miss him a lot. He is getting ready to move from Connecticut to Manhattan. I smell a road trip! It would be awesome to meet Nate and Ange in NYC and FINALLY do that Broadway show or two! Maybe there is a Times Square Sheraton with a good employee discount! We head back home in a few hours. It has been a good trip but it will be good to get home. I have a lot to do this week, so it will be a busy break. Because I hurt the van we are not going to Kansas Cit for New Years. I am not sure what we are doing now. That kind of makes me sad. There should be a lot of fun stuff going on over the next week. I can't wait! I am praying that with the new year God will bring some wonderful new things our way. It is exciting. I love the new beginnings a fresh year bring.


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