Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

What an awesome present day I had today! I found this incredible and PERFECT frame for a picture of me and my dad that was taken when we were at the Cardinal's game this year. It is a shadow box of baseball stuff and the picture is the exact coloring to look like it is part of the frame! I am giving it to him for Christmas. We are celebrating with my folks and my sister Darla and her family on Saturday. Best part, I got it 50 percent off at Wal-mart today. I bought a matching one for me!

Went to my first physical therapy session for my shoulder today. I have exercises and stuff to do and I go back on Friday. At one point she did an ultrasound (I assured her I was not pregnant) and she said that I wouldn't feel anything but it would be working in my "deep muscle tissue". Hmmmm ...

I am planning on watching Akeela and the Bee tonight. Kendra got it (along with Click and Benchwarmers) for me for Christmas. I haven't seen it yet. Victor is supposed to come over and watch it too and then we are hanging out tomorrow.

Didn't get to the gym today but plan on it tomorrow.

Had a taco salad for dinner. Homemade. By me. I created Kendra's facebook account tonight. Now mine says I am married to her. Sweet!

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