Thursday, December 28, 2006

Without You

Jasper Speaks:

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE not having to go to school. Today I was bored a lot though. Victor stood me up for the second day in a row. GRRRRRRRRRR ... angry eyes at Victor.
I watched Akeelah and the Bee today. Good flick. Got a big lump in my throat at the end. I am such a sucker. I finished grocery shopping for Christmas with my family on Saturday. We are all set I think. Tonight, Kendra and I went to Macy's to return something someone had bought her. I think I know why I don't go there. It is way overpriced and I was pretty bored but it was nice to have human contact and be out of the house. As the New Year approaches, I have been thinking a lot about my spiritual journey. Did I use my 525,600 minutes of 2006 as well as I should have? Did I learn all about God that I could? Sadly, I think the answer to both of these questions is "No". I look back and see a lot of wasted time that I should have used to chase after the heart of my Lord. I really want to try better in 2007. I want to go through the upcoming year running toward God. I want to be thirsty for Him all the time. I want my soul to pant for him. We sing that song that says, "I am desperate for you and I am lost without you" but how often do we live a life that says God is as important to me as the air I breathe? It is kind of hypocritical to sing it if I don't live it. I want to be able to sing it because I mean it. That is a goal I have for the New Year. As I look back on all the junk that I let bog me down in 2006, I realize at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is if I have grown closer to Christ as possible and if others have seen Him in me on a daily basis. I think I have fallen a little short in both of those areas this year. God says that in Him I am a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come. I pray that I will take the opportunities of the changing of a calendar to really let God change my character. What do you want God to do in 2007?

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