Saturday, September 02, 2006

Random Thoughts from Rural Missouri

Jasper Speaks:

- Four Wheelers are not the most interesting things to put into a parade
- My mother-in-law makes the best cinnamon rolls on earth and I would almost give up the diet altogether to eat them everyday
- My wife is beautiful and I don't deserve her
- I have changed my profile pic to this:

This picture is proof I can SO get a hot chick to kiss me!

- Betsy Moseley is a really neat person (not that this is news to me but it has been great getting reaquainted with her)
- Wow! Dustin Mathenia saved a kid's life on mission trip
- My brother-in-law Tim is a great guy and I am glad he came down this weekend to see us
- My nephew Alex is going to be like 8 feet tall someday! He's a freshman in high school and HUGE. And still only weighs like 96.5 pounds or something like that. He disapers when he turns sideways, I swear!
- I REALLY need to call Brian and Ruth Cawley
- I wonder who actually reads my blog
- It should be 65 degrees all day everyday
- Sometimes, I just miss my mom. I should visit her more often
- Tracy King has had some really gross surgeries
- The Braves lost tonight and it bugged my mother-in-law and made me chuckle. They lost REALLY badly!
- How the heck did some of these kids get in my Honors English class?????
- Kettle Corn = A pop of Heaven and a piece of diet Hell
- Gotta go to the gym a lot this week
- No matter what, Jessi Sneed is my American Idol!
- Teenage boys will absolutely eat ANYTHING!
- I miss my iPod. We forgot it at home.
- Christian Utley is pretty cool
- So is Jennie Seibert
- And Ana can be too!
- When I grow up, I might want to be Mike Laws. He radiates coolness
- Jeff Wells is WAY underappreciated. You should tell him how cool he is!
- Jeff the Intern is amazing in all things audio visual. I just watched most of the mission trip dvds and --- wow! He is pretty cool for a nerd!
- Sara Westcoat is cool because soon I will be able to say, "Well, I have this friend who lives in Africa and she says ..."
- Even though summer is over, it is still cool to call the young one, Jeff the Intern
- There should be more cows in Brookfield, Misssouri
- God made me teach so I could see that we all need to be evangelists
- My favorite color is yellow --- absolutely, no doubt
- Clowns and fire don't mix
- My nose makes it's own bubble gum

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

He Just Keeps On Speaking

Jasper Speaks:

So, today was good. Reality Check ROCKED tonight! I was very impressed with how smooth everything went even with all the changes! Go SWAT! Great job being lead worshippers! GO BECKY! Loved the violin! I am so very excited about what God will do through the drama team as well!

School went well today too. My trouble kid got a ten day suspension. It was so great that I got to teach Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God. God really used that today!

I love Victor and seeing him again today made me smile. Kendra ditched Reality Check for REALLY, REALLY good baseball tickets. You should make her feel guilty!

Three day weekend coming! Woo-Hoo! Going to rural Missouri! Boy do I ever know how to party! Actually, I am looking forward to seeing that part of our family! That's it other than be sure to check this XANGA site out:


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jasper Speaks:

I wish I had a more exciting day but alas, (my word Tracy) I did not. I got up a little late this morning but still made it on time to school. I have so many papers to grade! it is crazy how far an English teacher can get behind in just two weeks. In a lot of classes you don't have work coming in right away everyday but by definition Language Arts is nothing but a big, sick paper trail.

I have also been going to church in the afternoons when I get off of work. I am trying to get all the stuff ready for SWAT. The beginning is going to be interesting for us all while we learn how everything will work best. I am wicked excited about it though!

Well, I am sweaty and gross from my 3.3 miles of walking tonight at the gym. I burned of 588 calories so maybe I should go have a twinkie ... NOT! Actually one of my great joys in life is when I walk the treadmill next to a 85 pound anorexic woman and because I am still a BIG guy, I walk off four times as many calories in half the time as she does. It makes my pudgy genetically defective heart smile to see her work so hard and get so little! I know I am bad! Anyway, peace out and all that stuff!

Monday, August 28, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

So this is totally stolen from my friend Matt's Xanga. But man is this the coolest thing ever or what?
The Day Wasn't Bad ... Really!

Jasper Speaks:

Today wasn't bad. My difficult kid was in class but didn't really give me any trouble. There was this bad teen movie moment when a kid had fallen asleep in my class and was snoring so loud it was completly distracting while we were reading. Yup, nothing like a kid passed out cold to confirm that I should be a teacher!

I went from school to church to get some stuff done. It made for a long day but there is so much to get together by Wednesday night.
Well, sorry my life isn't more exciting!

And Tracy my love. I do update my blog! I just don't always copy XANGA to blogger. I hope you are doing well. I have been praying for you! THose wound pics were more than I needed to see!