Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Very Nice

Jasper Speaks:

Just got off an hour long call with our the wife of our Senior Pastor in Maine. I t was sweet. She is such a godly, loving woman. Makes me a little sad and nostalgic for the good old days in the Northeast. 100 degree weather in October doesn't help with that either.

Sick of Anne Frank. I had to watch the really sad part of her life movie twice today. Have to watch it once more tomorrow. It makes for a REALLY depressing day. An administrator and teacher at my school have been put on administrative leave for "inappropriate" contact with students. The related trauma affects all of our lives. That makes me mad. I have heard rumors that the teacher is gone for good. Who knows.

Anyway, I am glad tomorrow is hump day. The weekend can't really come soon enough! Next Friday I only have to work a half-day! Woo-hoo!
Is It Just Me???

Jasper Speaks:

Have you ever had one of those roller coaster days? Bad stuff, good stuff, frustrating stuff, bad stuff, good stuff, ANGRY EYES stuff ...

I had one of those today. It all started with someone throwing something from an overpass and breaking my windshield on the way to work this morning. Then it was good phone calls, bad emails, sad news and frusting people. All crazy and up and down.

My shoulder hurts.

I am off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some stability but with the way things have been for the past few weeks, I doubt that it will.

But ... God does have a plan. I need to prepare for rain.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Box Office Speaks Too!

Jasper Speaks:

Okay, so I am sure you are over hearing me go on and about Facing the Giants but even though it is not getting much media coverage at all, the movie came in 12th overall in the nation this weekend. Before you scoff at that let's analyze some numbers.

The number 1 movie at the box office this weekend was Open Season, which topped in its first weekend in theaters. It played on 3833 screens and posted a $23 million box office take. That calculates out to be a per screen take of $6000 or so.

The number 4 movie at the box office was the new Jon Herder comedy, School For Scoundrels which was also playing in theaters for the first time this weekend. It played on 3004 screens and took in $9,109,000. That makes its per screen take $3032.

The number 12 movie, Facing The Giants, played on 441 screens and made $1,389,000. That calculates to $3149 per screen. In case you are mathematically challenged that is $117 more per screen than the movie that rated SEVEN places higher than it on the overall money haul. Actually it's per screen income was higher than ALL the movies from fourth through eleventh place. It was played in about 85% less theaters than School for Scoundrels and did better per capita. The eleventh placed movie, the profanity laden Little Miss Sunshine only had a per screen gross of $1896. I have not seen any media with a comparison of how well this picture actually did like this ANYWHERE online. All of these are my own calculations based on the numbers posted on Yahoo Movies site. However, I think these numbers are proof that an authentic faith based film can do well. So, again I say, "GO SEE THIS MOVIE!"



Jasper Speaks:

So, I have to say now that I have seen FACING THE GIANTS twice in as many days. One reason is because I can't keep from telling Kendra ANYTHING, ANYTIME and I REALLY wanted to talk about how POWERFUL this film really is to her, so we had to go together. Yesterday I had a great evening with my nephew, Daniel and we saw it together while Kendra was Revolving.

Anyway, this is an awesome, Godly movie and I wanted to support it with my money on opening weekend. I am telling you to trust me, this movie is something you need to see. Because it is in limited release you need to try and see it IN THE THEATRE before it leaves! So go. Really go!