Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thank Goodness I Am Protestant

Jasper Speaks:

Catholic weddings are FOREVER long. We went to one for one of Kendra's work buddies tonight. Over thanksgiving my best friend at work got married and the whole ceremony was literally fourteen minutes. Tonight, one hour and forty minutes. And I will never get how you can drink out of the same cup as 100 other people. The pews were about a foot wide and I sat in constant fear of falling off. The Priest seemed to want to be a Polish stand up comedian. Odd. We also gave other guests creative names like, "Bad Hair Chick (no really it was red, yellow AND orange and HUGE), "Bad Dress Chick" (who not surprisingly seemed to be good friends with Bad Hair Chick. Perhaps they are a super crime fighting duo) and "What Were You Thinking When You Thought That Dress Still Fit Chick". People watching can be the highlight of an event like that.
The bride was beautiful, the food was alright and I just sat back a lot and GAWKED at how ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS my wife was tonight. YOWZA! She sizzles! Man she looked great. Too bad she got the raw end of this marriage deal.

Church Christmas musical is tomorrow. I pray it goes well. Jeff Wells and I are wearing red snowmen ties because we are essentially twins separated before birth.

Can't you see the resemblance? Obviously this is like three years old and I am glad I don't exactly look this large anymore!
Speaking of looking smaller, my pal Matt McNutt, who was on the Biggest Loser this season did awesome. He was the runner up for the most percentage of weight lost from the people who did not stay on the ranch. He lost the most weight at 176 pounds. Here is the before and after shot:

Inspiring to say the least. Wow! I really need to start working out again!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Jasper Speaks:

So, yesterday, the Special Ed Teacher who was so upset that we weren't meeting kids needs was absent AGAIN. This time for the final review. Quality she is! Ha! I just sounded like Yoda!

Yesterday I was going with Kendra and her boss Julie to see a Christmas thingy at St. Louis Family Church. A friend's kid was in the musical and so we were all going to go together. Unfortunately, when I was getting into the car to leave the Sheraton --- RIP --- a big tear in the back of mypants. Uh ... I like cool breezes but really, I had to go home. Which made me sad.

So, instead I went home and watched Survivor. GO OZZY! It was an uneventful night of tv and
quesadillas. I was in bed by 8:58 PM. Then just as I got sound asleep, a friend called and was chatty.

I have been a bit blue lately. I am not sure why. But it has definitely been blue. I keep a case of Ramen Noodles in the closet in my room at school in case I forget my lunch. I had to crack into this week. Then one of my favorite students from last year brought me a piece of Papa John's Pizza. Although I ate my weight (which is much less than it used to be but still quite an absurdly large amount) in Papa John's over the summer, after Ramen Noodles for lunch, it seemed mighty tasty.

Gave my first final of the year today and surprisingly most of the kids did okay. Now only FIVE are flunking in that class. There were like nine. Yup, I am a quality teacher. They are all passing no thanks to my "co-teacher". But I am not bitter or anything.

I found out yesterday that my mom and dad aren't going to be able to be at our church on Sunday for the Christmas musical. My dad has a medical procedure on Monday and has to start the drug regimen on Sunday. I have been stood up for worse reasons but it makes me really sad.

I didn't call my dad on his birthday on Wednesday. I am the worst son on the planet.

Even though I am blue, having just three half days (that is one and a half days total) left of school makes me a bit more of a teal than royal blue. It is especially gratifying that I don't have to see my A-1 class again for two weeks. They are really not my favorite people to hang out with.

I really like brown rice. I have been craving it lately, so I had it for dinner because I am a grown up and can choose my own food. That is pretty tight.

Yeah I said tight. I can be cool too.

Sarah Beth Kendra an
d I love you more than chocolate chip cookies!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No Day But Today

Jasper Speaks:

Today was uneventful ... mostly. I did get into a BIG fight with the Special School District cooperating teacher in my fourth hour class. I mean I didn't slug her or anything but we were getting loud enough that I reminded her that this "discussion" was not appropriate in front of the children. We have "worked" together all year and there were just some --- issues. Anyway, I stayed after school (like the bad boy I was) and I hope we worked those issues out.

I did get some Christmas shopping done for Kendra today. We are on a VERY tight budget this year and I was like, "Man! That little bit of money doesn't go very far at all!" Sad.

I give my first final review tomorrow. I am mostly caught up with grades. I can't believe school is out next week. Speaking of not believing things ... the church Christmas Musical is SUNDAY! What the stink!?! How did that happen so fast? YOWZA! Yes I just said, "YOWZA". Don't laugh. It is a very cool word.

Just finished reading Without You by Anthony Rapp. The overall story was good but I would not recommend the book to anyone. I enjoyed reading the parts of about the beginnings of production of the musical Rent and also the poignant story of his mother's cancer struggle during that time. I was not so much a fan of the discussion of his love life that came ad nauseam in detail.

I love Christmas in the city.
Yellow is my favorite!

Mmmmm ... Hershey's with Almonds. I'm not eating any but they are my favorite candy bar.

Didn't work out or watch House tonight. My foot is still not well. After the mall walk today, I got a lot of cramping and stuff. There is still a dull ache. I am completely falling apart.