Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'll Cover You

Jasper Speaks:

So as I am preparing for the message at Reality Check tomorrow night, God has been speaking to me. God came to us. That is pretty amazing. It is incredible that the creator of the universe would care so much for us that he would leave Heaven and come here. It just blows me away. I have been trying to get my mind around it all and it is pretty hard to understand. God is God, right? He could do whatever he pleases, right? Why doesn't he just MAKE us follow Him? I am convinced it is because He requires honesty in our commitment. If we love Him we will do what He wants us to do. Too hard? He did it.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, I came ... That's deep. I think about working out at the gym and watching the people training with personal trainers. The trainer shows them what they should do and then cheers them on as they try it themselves. God did that. He came to earth and showed us how to live. Then (as Keith reminded us Sunday) He is now in Heaven "training" us and cheering us on. He took our punishment and then went to be with the Father to plead our case to Him. Amazing.

Imagine a person murders someone. You get convicted of it. You get sentenced to die in prison. It comes out that the other person did it. You plead His case. You say it is okay that you take the rap. Please, let Him continue to live in the outside world. You love them so much that you are willing to stay in prison so that they are free. You go to the electric chair with everyone knowing you are guiltless and willing, so the real killer can be free. He did that.

Anyway, I can't even begin to describe it. Actually, for thousands of years people have been trying to put grace into words. It is completely impossible. But still, I don't want to stop trying. I feel like as long as I try to put my words to God's grace, I will always be searching my heart to understand it. I think that is a pretty lofty goal.

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