Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'll Cover You (Reprise)

Jasper Speaks:

What a long day. We travled to Ste. Gen to go to Julie's dad's funeral today. We pray that God will show the family His love and strenght during this time. There were so many people there! I hope that brings some comfort to Julie and her family. Ste. Gen (and it is Ste. it is the french spelling) is only a little over an hour from our house. When we got there we waited in line for about a half an hour to get to the family. A lot of love in that room today.

Then we got back and I rushed to the church. I thought I had my powerpoint for tonight saved and then realized I had the wrong file on my cd rom and so I had to redo the whole thing! I got a little stressed but God worked it all out.

I really enjoyed Reality Check. I loved the worship. My Savior, My God was totally blowing the windows out of the youth hall!

It was probably evident how passionate I am about this series. Ordinary life is boring and useless. Jesus didn't come to let us all continue to live ordinarily. He came to give us real and eternal life; a better life than we could ever dream of.

This passage of Scripture just makes me want to give so much more to God and expect so much more out of my Christian walk. He came. He understands. He knows how I feel because He came. Totally amazing to me! God is daily rescuing us from an ordinary life.

Which Wisdom will you choose?

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