Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

2006 A Glance.

Age you turned: 37
Did you grow?: Actually I shrunk by about 130 pounds!
School/Work: Riverview Gardens High School
IM Screen name(s): RevJRains
Best birthday gift: Rams hoodie
Most important thing you learned: God doesn’t consult us on “the plan”
Did your physical appearance change?: Lost 130 pounds. Lost more hair.
Did you, personally change?: I think I may have gotten a bit meaner and I don’t like that
Best month(s): May – end of school and a nice vacation before a REALLY busy summer

Best friend(s): Kendra, Victor, Jeff, Michele
New friend(s): Jessi
Lose any friends?: Vickie?
Lose any family members?: God spared us this year
Any new family members?: Nope
Most influential person(s): Jesus! Jeff. My folks and Kendra

Have any crushes?: Kendra (and she says I have a “man crush” on Doug Fields)
How many relationships?: Too many to count! One romantic one
Longest relationship: 7 ½ years
Shortest relationship: 3 weeks with foster kids
Did you have your heart broken?: People fail us so yes
Status at the beginning of the year: Married
Status now: Still married
Have any regrets?: In relationships I could be a better husband
How many people did you kiss this year?: ONE
Who was the first person you kissed this year?: Kendra
Who was the last person you kissed?: Kendra

Did you party?: I think I am too old to party now
Did you throw any parties?: We love to host
Best winter event: Seeing Dreamgirls
Best spring event: Spring Break
Best summer event: Toronto and seeing Ben and Amber
Best autumn event: NYWC in Cincinnati and seeing Ben and Amber there!

Plans for the new year? See last post
Hopes for the new year? See last post
New Years Resolution: Don’t resolute. Plan.
Goals you want to accomplish: Goodbye next 100 pounds
Anything you're putting behind you?: The world behind me and the cross before
Age you will turn: 38 (YIKES!)
Any big changes taking place?: God knows this answer better than I!
Going anywhere?: South Dakota and Chicago

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