Sunday, January 21, 2007

Out Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

So not even the impending snow storm (and I HATE snow), could keep us away from Lincoln Isaiah Tucker's first birthday party. Tonight is one of the times I really appreciate being back in Missouri. There is really something to be said for the opportunity to spend time with friends with whom you have a true history. Isaiah's mom, Candy and I have been friends most of our lives as our dads pastored neighboring churches when we were kids. His dad, Rick, was my college roommate and the best man in my wedding. It is so nice to be with "historical friends". You just feel so comfortable.

We took Michelle and Victor with us and that was nice as well. We have all been so close for so long. Michelle, Victor and I were all in Rick and Candy's wedding as well. It is so amazing to be close enough to significant friends to be at a special day like this one. I think I used to take these days for granted but after living 12,000 miles away for five years, you learn to appreciate the time with the people with whom you share real love and a true history.

Some people say the best friends you will ever have are those you make in high school. That has never been the case for me. The closest friends I have are almost exclusively from college. We are there in the good and bad times to support one another. It is like we are our own little family. For the most part even our parents have some knowledge of one another and in some cases are even friends. I think of the many times we have spent at weddings, parties, hospitals, and funerals making a history together. I am so grateful for the friends with whom I have been blessed.

I also got to speak to Aaron tonight. It is amazing how God takes a Youth Pastor/student relationship and gives us adult friends. I have the pleasure of having that kind of relationship with several of my students from Hollis. What a great blessing "our kids" have become to us as they have transitioned into being "our friends". God is making them "historical friends" more and more every day. Tonight was a good night as I was reminded again that friends are a gift from God. Even snow couldn't mess up that lesson for me!

(Pic #1: Birthday boy Isaiah and Daddy Rick Pic #2: Isaiah and Mommy Candy Pic #3: Jasper and BFF Rick, Pic #4: Jasper and his two BFFs Rick and Victor Pic #5: Michelle and Jasper trying to look "comptemplative" at one another Pic #6: Just the two best looking guys on the planet)


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