Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

So tonight was the youth group Christmas party. I had a good time. I won brownie mix but it got stolen! I had to say goodbye to Sara because she will leave before I am back at church again. This makes Jasper very sad!
But she did say I could beat up Jeff G. for her (in order to keep him in line) from time to time. Sweet. No more school! LALALALALALA! Okay, so it is only for two weeks but I am rejoicing! Love Shola's homemade donuts. Love them too much. Jeff Wells singing iPod idol. Yeah, I tried not to laugh! He actually has a better voice than he thinks. Really. Saw Pursuit of Happyness today with Victor and Jeff. Nice flick. Clean. Sappy. Good time. Foot still hurts. That sucks. Just a wee bit more Christmas shopping and I am done.

Talked to Nate and Angela Milkins last night. They are some of the best people in my world and I miss them dearly!

Did I mention school is out!?!

I got to flunk a couple of kids who REALLY deserve it! Welcome to summer school! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

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