Saturday, January 13, 2007

Take Me Or Leave Me

Jasper Speaks:

So, for the third time in a year a lot of St. Louis is out of electricity. A whole bunch of people from our church is without. We are fine as are my family. Kendra, Victor, Betsy and I are kind of having a HUGE slumber party at the hotel. We have a big common room and the two rooms on either side. Kendra has had to work straight through and it has been very busy. Mostly, a few nights at a hotel is exciting for people. Not so much for me. We do it a lot. It has been kind of BORING. You see Victor and Betsy are the world's oldest Disney channel freaks. Like almost in a creepy way. We do have three TVs but I WANT the company.

So, now I am in Kendra's office and spending some time outside of the room because I was going kind of batty. Please pray for my dear friend Jessi. Her house caught on fire last night and they lost almost everything. She is a single mom and has two small girls. We love her dearly and are very sad that this has happened. please pray that everything will go well with the insurance.

Well, I might need to go back to the room. Actually when I left they were watching a Pyche marathon that wasn't bad. I just missed Kendra and so it is nice to be close to her. So, the weather wins here again. Ice, ice baby ...


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