Friday, December 22, 2006

Today 4 U

Jasper Speaks:

At long last here is my top ten list:

Top Ten Reasons Why
Betsy Sarah Sue Moseley Junior
is THE BEST Foster Daughter in the ENTIRE Universe

10. She can TOTALLY entertain herself (as long as there are books around).

9. She sleeps in her bed without EVER giving me a fight!

8. She has learned to root for the Cardinals.

7. Three words --- wipes own butt!

6. She does all her own laundry.

5. She never makes me sit through eleven hours of Barbie in the Nutcracker!

4. She sits quietly in church (mostly).

3. Sometimes she even buys her OWN lunch!

2. She keeps Victor occupied during visits. 1. Just when you are getting tired of her, she goes back to the dorm. We miss you! Come home soon!

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