Friday, February 16, 2007

How Can you Generate Heat When You Can't Feel Your Feet And They're Turning Blue?

Jasper Speaks:

Okay, cold weather rant for the day. Last night I was returning from Junior High Small Group in my van. It was 9 degrees or so outside. My van's heat is minimal at best.The 25 minute drive home was full of teeth chatter and frustrated cold grunts. Thank goodness for my Rams hoodie because I think my ears might have fallen off without it! I could barely feel my feet by the time I got home. I was so cold my muscles were literally cold. YIKES!

Last night I was helping Victor with the Junior High Guys Small Group. We only had the two boys who live in the host home. They were a little disappointed that there weren't more guys there. Still, we had a good time of fellowship and discussion. I am not going to be there every week but it was nice to be there for the first one.

Tonight it is supposed to snow --- AGAIN! I have to help a friend move tomorrow but it doesn't sound like it will take very long. We have plans with Jessi and Jesse sometime tomorrow. That should be fun.

Well, I really have A LOT of grading to get done and should be getting to it since I only have fifty minutes left to my planning period. I did get a lot accomplished yesterday. All my lesson plans are in through the last day of March and I even got a lot of copying done for those lesson plans. That is a bit of a weight off. Hope you all are having good days!


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