Thursday, February 15, 2007

I know You --- You're Shivering

Jasper Speaks:

So I have gotten some "get over it I live in the snow and cold center of the universe" e-mails. But I will probably keep complaining. EIGHT DEGREES! EIGHT DEGREES? I WANT SPRING! Anyway, now that is off my chest ...

The infinite wisdom that is my school district had us risk life and limb by coming to school on Tuesday and then yesterday when the roads were clear, we had a snow day. Most of the time snow days are good but now we are COMPLETELY at the point that we will have to make all of them up so I do not find them as fun. At all. However, I find great joy in knowing Maine is having a blizzard. HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that feels good.

Reality Check went well last night. The praise team just gets better and better. I am excited for small group on Monday. My guys rock. I am visiting the Junior High boys group tonight. Victor needs another adult as Jake's parents will be out tonight. I am sure it will be cold.

My parents made it back from Kentucky fine. God is good.

I actually got planning done during my planning hour this morning. That is pretty exciting.

I have been trying to be more thankful for my job. You can pray about that for me. Even if it is not what I want to be when I grow up, it pays my bills and I am working in an area that I am degreed in and still working with teens. All that is pretty good of God.

Well I am off to enlighten young minds! Peace out from the snow and cold!


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