Monday, February 26, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

So, I am just a little bummed today. Not looking forward to another week at work. Praising God for a job just not really into doing it at the moment. I am looking forward to small group tonight.

Okay, so here is my geek moment for the week. I LOVE the oscars. I know it is nothing to be proud of but I am a movie FREAK and so it is cool to see people get awards for making them. However, last night was the lamest Oscars possibly EVER. It was so long and boring and WORTHLESS stuff kept winning that I went to bed before it was over not even caring who else won. This is not like me. I usually stay up until the bitter end. Eddie Murphy was completely ROBBED! Then when Melissa Etheridge won over ALL THREE Dreamgirls songs, I just knew this was another example of Hollywood doing their best to make a statement. The song was boring and pointless. But it was written for a favored movie and a Hollywood darling had written it so even though it was BY FAR the weakest of the five songs nominated, it won. These shows are no longer about the best that is out there being rewarded but about Hollywood pushing their agendas. I am glad that Jennifer Hudson won and her speech was heartfelt and warm. I do like her.

Anyway, enough fussing about stuff that really doesn't matter at all. I am just a bit grumpy this morning I suppose!

God is doing things in my life and that is cool. Still, growing hurts. Being molded and shaped is not always a pleasant experience. The outcome is worth it but the work in the middle is not always fun. I just want to be putty in God's hands.


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