Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Sucks

Jasper Speaks:

So, here I am at the ONE school district that is open today watching snow fall heavily and thinking about my 26 mile drive home today. The district has made some dumb calls on snow days this year and this is how we get to pay for it. Kendra is over my complaining about it so I have to vent here. I mean in the end I appreciate being here today so that I won't have to make up the day later but really, it is supposed to be a HUGE storm and here I am. Waiting. Isn't a valid snow day one of the reasons to stay in education? Anyway, nothing I can do about it now but pray for safety on the way home. I love Oakville but days like this make me wish we lived in Florissant or somewhere!

As you might expect there are not a lot of students braving the elements and being here today. Also, several teachers decided to take the day off as well. When I got here this morning, it was a ghosttown. Almost creepy.

It stinks that we canceled small groups last night and then the weather held off. Next week it will rock! I just wish this week would have been able to meet. I missed it.

Anyway, if Betsy really brought this she so needs to go back! LOL! Maine should stay in Maine! I am SO tired of snow! I am so tired of cold! I know that I am in Missouri and there is an end in sight but I am LONGING for April!

Again, global warming my big white butt!


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