Thursday, February 22, 2007


Jasper Speaks:

So, I think that I have had a little too much time off school. Yesterday was the longest day! Today I am giving a test to my Honor Students and doing a movie/review so maybe today won't be so bad.

Reality Check went well last night. It was awesome when we all got together and prayed at the end. I really appreciated being able to pray with Kendra and Jon and Kevin. It was very moving as we all shared our struggles with one another. I appreciated the honesty that was evident there.

It is another GLORIOUS weather day today. I drove here and was driving right into the sun most of the way. I almost complained and then thought, "No way! This is INCREDIBL:E! The sun warms the earth! Go sun! Shine big! It's your birthday!" Okay so maybe it is not the sun's birthday but I am still really glad it is shinning and it is supposed to be in the upper fifties again today. It was forty degrees when I left the house this morning. That is like quadruple what it was this time last week! Go God!

I am really pumped about this summer. I think that a bunch of us from Kendra's family are going to Mount Rushmore. Kendra's grandmother lived in Sturggis and so she has been there many times but it is one of the eight or so states I have not yet been able to visit so I am looking forward to it. I also think that mission trip is going to be pretty much incredible. If you haven't gotten information and signed up for that yet, you need to REAL bad! I love doing mission trips. I have been on one every summer since like 1996, so I must think they are pretty rad.

I was thinking about and praying for my kids from Maine who are serving in Ecuador for a couple of weeks right now. I am very proud of them. It is awesome to see them let God use them in such a dynamic way! Go gang!

I am off to do my answer key for the Honor's Test. I know. Your jealous you can't have this much fun!


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