Monday, February 05, 2007

What You Own

Jasper Speaks:

So, it was a really good youth group kind of weekend. I loved watching Facing The Giants with everyone. Again, what an AWESOME movie. The Super Bowl party rocked as well. It was so much fun just hanging out together. I loved it!

I am really excited about small groups starting tonight. It is going to be incredible! Can't wait!

It is still SO COLD here! I HATE WINTER! I am so excited that spring is on it's way! Only 29 days until Spring Break!

I am also super excited that the Twisted Thorns (the band that came as a result of our worship team at HCBC Youth Group) just won the battle of the bands in Ohio. Now they get to go to Nashville and compete for a recording contract with Provident Records! I am so proud and can't wait to quit my job and go on the road as the tour pastor! Woo-hoo! Great job guys! God is good!

Well I need to get stuff ready for the rest of the school day! Peace out!


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