Monday, February 12, 2007

What You Own

Jasper Speaks:

So, the weekend went really well. Our time out with Bob and Julie was very nice. It was just dinner at TGIFriday's (on a Friday no less) and spades at their place. Bob is like the worst card player in the world. We always play guys against the girls and we ALWAYS lose. Still, it was fun and just a great time to be together.

Columbia was very nice. It was good to see Kendra's mom and her sister Lorrie. We got to see Kim and the baby, Gabrielle. The baby is BEAU-tiful! We had lunch at Red Lobster (where I haven't been in a couple of years) and bought some new shoes at Kohl's.

On the way home we got the phone call that my Aunt had died. It is sad. I wish I could have been there for my mom and dad. They are getting up there in age and I often worry about them. It is hard to see your parents grow old.

Next. we headed home and got Betsy. She came back to our house where we had dinner and she helped us scrapbook a few pages. Michele and Dennis got us these two neat scrapbook kits for Christmas. One is a vacation "cheat" scrapbook thing and the other is the same but for vacation. They are small books (our first attempt into those) but come with suggestions and papers and stickers and stuff. We started working on the vacation one and I FINALLY finished the one I was making from the night we went to Rick and Candy's for Isaiah's birthday.

Then on Sunday we went to church. We dropped Betsy off at school and then got a much needed day alone. We had lunch and a nap and got up to scrap some more. We got quite a few pages done from our vacation this past year. We still have a few pages to go. It will be nice when the book is done.

Yeah, I know it is not the most manly thing to scrapbook but I enjoy it. It is a great way to spend time with Kendra and talk are relive some memories. That is the best part. She is WAY better at it than I am. I always tell her my pages look the same as any third grader doing them with their mom. Still, I try and it is fun.

So, the impending snow is keeping me from the trip to Kentucky. It is okay right now but is supposed to get bad tonight. It is supposed to start raining this afternoon and then it will turn over to ice and snow and stuff. YUCK! I really wanted to go but it just isn't the best weather for traveling. I am praying my parents will be safe as they return.

We had left our van at Westport this weekend and when we got there today it was locked in the parking lot. Not a good thing. They had roped off the section where the van was and it was padlocked in there. There was one other car there too. No note. No signs. Just a chain up where we could not get the van out. VERY ODD. So, Kendra is looking into why and trying to get it out today. It is VERY frustrating. I am praying this is not the way the rest of my day will go.

It is a half day today with students. We have professional development (AKA totally USELESS time wasted) this afternoon. Then I think I need to cancel small group tonight. It may be fine weather at 6:00 but by 8:30 when we leave it may be a lot worse. Better safe than sorry. Although it stinks because this is only week TWO.


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