Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Okay, Honey?

Jasper Speaks:

What a week this has been. I think I may have come back to school a little too soon. I was crabby and didn't have much patience today. I am still not feeling well. Today the kids had the brunt of all of my stuff. I yelled. Several times. Not like me. I am just so far behind. Grades are due on Monday and I am normally right on top of that. Today I am running around like crazy. I hate that. I am finished I believe. It is only progress report time but still, my brain aches. I am sad kids aren't doing better. Perhaps this is the third quarter slump.

Didn't feel so great about Reality Check last night. Worship and Drama were both good. I think the Powerpoint issues really threw me off. That is sad because I REALLY believe in this message series and REALLY believe in the life well lived message in particular. I guess it is good it is about God and not me!

So, I am hoping the mild case of the blues I am having will go away with my illness. The cold part is hanging on and I do have a HUGE lack of energy.

Please be praying for my friends Dennis and Michele. Dennis' mom died on Tuesday night. It was expected but, as often as is the case in these times, family stress is at an all time high. Please pray for them. The funeral is on Saturday morning.

Well, I am off to bubble in the last of my grades. Maybe someday I will work in a district where there is little or no paper but alas, (my word) until then I am doomed to practice standardized testing every day with attendance and every half-quater with grading. Yuck!

report card

P.S. Snowed here today and it was like 9 degrees when I left for school. I HATE SNOW! I left Maine for this??? Global warming my butt!

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