Monday, March 05, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

I had a good weekend. It was fun. Didn't do a whole lot of stuff but it was good. Date night with the wife was dinner at home and a movie. It was sweet. I love her so much. I am so honored God gave me Kendra. Everyday I grow to love her more and more. I don't deserve a woman as wonderful as her. She is the absolute best!

Saturday morning I had a great breakfast with my dear friend Cindy. It was one of those, "why don't we get together more often" kind of lunches. I love old friends. Friends are people who stand beside you no matter what. They are there when they agree and when they disagree. They also can admit when they were wrong. I have people in my life who are genuine friends and for them I am very thankful. Over the past ten years or so God has really separated the sheep and the goats in my true friend pool. There are those people who have done all they can to build me up and support me (and I can't tell you how thankful I am for them) and those who have chosen to find fault and disappointment in a lot of my choices. When that happens, it is not hard to spot the difference between a true friend and a fake self-centered person. I have found that the true friend has greatly outweighed the bad friend type in my life. I know that is not the case for everyone and I am blessed. A true friend can speak the truth in love and help you to grow. A false friend speaks with selfish motives and causes you to add negativity and worry to your life. My advice, distance yourself from the people who fit the description of false friends. Gather and invest in significant TRUE friendships.

Saturday night we went to see Becky play the violin in Guys and Dolls. It was fun as well. She was in the pit and didn't know we were there until we scared her as we leaned over and yelled her name. The violins were the best part of the show!

Church was also great yesterday. I love seeing everyone and fellowship. That may be my favorite activity as a Christian. I love my friends! I guess this is a love filled little entry. It's good, my TRUE friends deserve it!

The only class I had today went really well. It is nice to hear students say, "I wish more teachers were like you." Maybe they were trying to suck up to me a bit, but it seemed genuine and it was nice to hear. It should be a good rest of the day and I am looking forward to Small Group tonight as well. So, I guess I am a chipper dude today! That is pretty sweet!


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