Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

So Reality Check went really well last night. The praise team did a great job. You guys just keep getting better!

We have a half day today and then we have parent teacher's conferences until 7:00PM. Usually in the spring in our district the parents who actually come dwindles to a light trickle so I will have a lot of time to plan the rest of the year. That is good. I like to be prepared. It makes me a better teacher.

I need to say again that I love my Small Group guys. Andy sent me a very encouraging email yesterday. They all rock. It makes me proud to see all three boys so active in leadership in our group!

We think that Jackson will be coming to us on Monday. We do not know for sure but are very anxious. Tonight when I get off work, we are going to Babies 'R Us to register. That can be fun! I love using the scan gun! There are lots of things we want/need and can't afford so we will see how that works.

Being a daddy is going to be a big change. I just keep praying that God will help me be a parent like Him. I want to be loving, forgiving, and patient. As I begin this endeavor I am realizing what a great example God is for me. I am praying that years of experiencing God's love for me will translate fully into how I love Jackson. It is all still pretty surreal to me. This time next week, he will be a permanent part of our lives. It is cool, scary and wonderful all at once.

Tonight I am going to get a salad from Jack In The Box and then going to get a HUGE soda from Quick Trip. I love Quick Trip. It is a gift of God to me! MMMMMM ...


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