Friday, March 09, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

The weirdness that is my life continues ....

More on that topic another time.

Today was a weird school day because we had a Faculty Student basketball game. No, I did not show my mad skills. That would require mad skills. So, I actually left as the game was beginning because it was my planning period and I was pretty much done and had some things I needed to get done for church tonight. The strangest part of all was the way we adjusted the school schedule for the game. They made the schedule to be that 1st hour was 3rd hour, 3rd hour was second hour, first hour was third hour and second hour was fourth hour. Confused? Yeah all of us too! :) Then est for fun they changed it at the first bell today and made it first hour is first hour, second hour is still fourth hour, third hour is third hour and fourth hour was second hour. Uh .. more confusing. One of the other teachers said to me that if you are an inflexible person, Riverview might not be for you. Pretty much. It didn't really phase me. I still saw everybody and the lessons all went well.

I have a secret concerning someone who reads this blog that will be out in the open (and they will be very happy) in just a couple of hours. I like secrets that make people happy! Because of that secret I have to run off for now. More on weirdness and secrets later!


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