Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

Went to see Brian and Melissa in West Sider Story last night. The show was great but Tony ... not so good. Michele and DeWayne (our WSS groupies) went with us and we all had a wonderful time!

In the words of Beth Moseley (Betsy's Mom) Betsy Sarah Sue Moseley, Junior is a TWIT. The secret I spoke of in my last post was that Betsy's Mom flew in to surprise her at her Honor's Convocation. Betsy is a TWIT because she had hijacked her mom's email weeks ago and knew it was going to happen. We all still had a really good time together.

We may possibly be on the verge of MAJOR LIFE CHANGE. Please pray that we are accepting of God's will no matter what. We are going to praise Him when we win, we are going to praise Him when we lose. It is all about His will. God is good. All the time.

Major scale victory! Today I weigh less than I did as a senior in high school. That brings me to the halfway point of my weight loss goal. Now, I was still a big boy in high school but it is nice to know I am on the downward side of stuff. Of course my shape is different now that I am older so I have this gut issue. I have some more weight to go down to the next shirt size but I am going to press on. I just hope the under high school weight thing can survive D-Now. Yikes!


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