Friday, March 02, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

Working out is beneficial. I just wish I didn't have to do it so much! Oh well. It took a LONG time to get to this point and it will take a LONG time to get away as well. Mostly it has been a good "lifestyle change" week.

It is the weekend and we are more than broke. That is kind of sad. No big plans. We are going to see Becky play in Guys and Dolls on Saturday I think. Should be fun.

I found it hard to wake up this morning. That is odd because I actually got about an hour more sleep than usual. Then again, it felt like it was Saturday and so there was lots of protestation.

I am meeting an old, dear friend for breakfast in the morning. I will probably only get coffee and bring my own granola bar because of calories and finances. I haven't seen her in like a year and a half or so. For those of you deeply entrenched in the "Jasper Story" the last time I saw her, I was still interviewing for Camp Coca Cola. Wow! God really let me dodge a bullet there by not giving me what I thought I wanted.

Yesterday was an odd school day. A tornado drill shortened first hour and then as my kids were coming back from lunch, the lights went out. They ended up sending us home about an hour and a half later. Just as the AP was coming down the hall to tell us to leave, the lights came back on. However, there was no turning back at that point. The kids were rushing out to the buses and teachers were fumbling for our car keys. Although in the end we only got about an hour more free time, it was nice. I made it to the gym and even after nearly an hour there, I got home at the time I normally would when I skip the gym.

For those of you not in MO, winter is back a bit. No snow (HAPPY DANCE GOING ON HERE) but WAY colder. Yesterday when I left for work it was sixty-one degrees. This morning it was thirty-seven. BRRRRR!!!

March is here. I really need to get back and start looking over Julius Caesar again. HOW BORING! We are covering ACT II today. Beware the ides of March --- you might fall asleep reading this thing!


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