Tuesday, March 06, 2007

P>Jasper Speaks:

Need I say again that I love small group! I do! Andy was still sick and not there last night which was very sad. I had a busy day yesterday. After school I had to meet with some people at church and was in that meeting right up until time to leave for small group then had small group. I felt kind of like a real Youth Pastor again. Man, was I tired.

I think D-Now is going to be pretty fab this weekend. I will be hanging out with the senior high guys the whole time. That should be fun! We talked about biblical fellowship in small group last night. I really love the concept. I wish more of our modern Christian life was interdependent on other Christians. So often we do a lone ranger Christian thing. I hate to REALLY share. I just don't tell people much about my struggles. Don't get me wrong, I can complain with the best of them but I just don't share my life with many people. I do share pebbles with a person here or there but the deep parts of me, I mostly keep to myself. In this way, I am truly a classic guy. So, I see the need for biblical fellowship in my life. I love the concept. I just need to put it into action. There is a friend that I have been talking about establishing an accountability relationship with. That frightens me a little. That is a lot of honesty. Not that I lie a lot. I just don't tell anything. You can pray for me in this endeavor. I need it. I also think God may have brought this guy into my life for this reason.

Okay, that is BY FAR enough sharing!

I didn't get to the gym yesterday (see aforementioned schedule) but am going to do it this afternoon. I am going to stop by and see my folks for a wee bit and then go work out. I did a lot of weight training over the weekend and yesterday I could feel it. especially in my quads. Yikes! But I must get my gorgeous body all firm and tight!

I am back on a coffee kick again. I am trying to drink HUGE amounts of water as well. Hydration. I need hydration!

So I am addicted to quesadillas. I'm a quessa-holic. Yup. Gonna' have one tonight! Yum!


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