Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Jasper Speaks:

Thursday. This will ususally be a really good day for me because I have no usual afternoon responsibilities and can go get Jackson and go right home. This will be a rarity this year. But today it kind stinks because it is Open House night here at South High and so I won't leave until 8:15 PM. That really stinks when you get here at 6:00 AM. Long stinkin' day!

I am a little bummed because responsibilites are keeping me from my family this week. I have something literally every night. What makes it worse is that Jackson took his first steps at daycare yesterday. Then he walked for Kendra last night. I won't see him when he is awake again until Saturday because of the CRAZY schedule I have to keep right now. I may miss EVERY part of his first learning to walk. That makes me want to cry.

God is dealing with me about His will. I am trying to be patient and wait for Him to open and close doors as He sees fit but of course I want to know now! This is one of the lessons we learn as Christians but I hate being taught it.

Well, I have papers to grade and lesson plans to write. Did I mention how much I love teaching!?!


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