Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Jasper Speaks:

So, the schedule finally caught up with me. last night Jackson and I were in the basement (Kendra was at MOPS) and he crawled into my arms at about 7:00PM and the finger went into his mouth immediately. Within three or four minutes we had both dozed off. I woke up just as the first person got voted off Survivor (about 7:50 or so) and stumbled up the steps and put Jackson in his crib and fell into bed myself. He was up coughing about 10:30 and came into the bed with us.

This morning at 4:30 (my alarm goes off at 4:45), Jackson is up and ready to start the day. I like getting so much sleep but I am not happy when I have a baby sitting next to me, indian style, and hitting me in the face over and over again while slobbering down his shirt and dripping saliva all over me while singing out in a normally cute but piercingly high pitch song as my wake up call. Kendra put him back in bed where he screamed so loud I didn't get those fifteen minutes back! Oh well!


Kendra's birthday party is tomorrow. I am pretty excited. It will be a strange cross section of family and friends. Should be very nice to get everyone together.

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