Monday, October 29, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

The Dead Sox won. That makes me sad. Congrats to my New England friends. I was happy about the World Series last year.

We had our lock-in on Friday. Becky did a really good job! In my nearly 18 years in youth ministry, this was the first lock-in ever where I fell asleep. It was only for a little while but it did happen! YIKES! I think the early mornings I have to get up have really screwed up my system. I NEVER have done that before. Part of it came as result of being the "life stick keeper" during Commando and spending like TWO HOURS ALONE in the youth hall. I made it through the game but crashed and burned right after. Oh well. I still love being a YP.

This week is the week of the Youth Specialties Convention! I am excited! I am working a half day on Friday and next Monday and then next Thursday and Friday are teacher work days and I work two hours on Thursday and three hours on Friday! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is so close!

Ben and Amber --- can't wait to see you. Do you know how you are getting to the hotel? When does your flight arrive? Any baby needs? I will try and call you one night this week if I don't hear from you! WICKED excited that you are coming!


Many of you Dead Sox fans are people I love ... A LOT. But this is precisely why I grew to not love your team.(But I do love you!)

Cardinals fans don't act in a way in which the police have to be called.


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