Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

So, I have been doing this whole, "ANYONE BUT HILLARY in 2008" chant for quite awhile now. I am not pleased that she is leading in the polls. She is polarizing and not the type of person that could even begin to bring the country back together. Besides, she was already president once.

Anyway, I am not the most political person out there but I am going to take a step out and say that I am behind a candidate. If the election was today and I could vote for anyone who has announced that they are running, my vote would go to ...


I really love what he stands for. The only thing I may take issue with is his tax reform but I am willing to listen. Otherwise, I am very impressed with him. You should go to the link above and see what he is all about. He is slowly rising in the polls among republican candidates and I want to help get the word out about him.

In a race fullof Hillaries, Obamas, and lukewarm conservatives, this man is making me take notice.

End of my political rant for the day!

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