Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

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Jasper Speaks:

So, taking a cue from my friend Angela M., I overslept by an hour today. jackson has been sick and coughing and the only way he (and we) can sleep is if we sit up in the recliner and sleep together. Kendra took the Saturday night shift so I took last night. He was up and down a lot throughout the evening. I love holding him as he sleeps. In some ways it is a wonderful example of God holding us. When we are troubled, God holds us and keeps us close to His heart so that we can be sure that things will be okay. It is amazing how simply being held by us, makes Jackson so much better. We get that way when we realize God is holding us as well.

Anyway, I was awaken probably thirty times with a sometimes squirming, sometimes coughing, sometimes crying toddler in my arms and we both dozed off for good around 3:00AM. I wake up and pull out the cell phone at 5:45 A FULL HOUR LATE! Yikes! I race upstairs and start to get ready. The bad thing is, St. Louis had this minor ice storm last night. When I turned on the TV I found that most of the school districts near mine had canceled but ours had not. I had mixed emotions as it is VERY close to Christmas and why waste a day off on that but I was REALLY late. The news kept saying "use caution and leave early". Yeah, just rub a little more salt in the wound why don't you?

I take off and arrive at school about twenty-five minutes late but at least I was all in one piece. I had forgotten my breakfast and lunch and missed my morning coffee stop. I rushed through a fifty minute lesson in twenty and brewed a pot of coffee which I promptly finished. Now I am blogging while students are reading To Kill A Mockingbird and dreamy of only having one more class left and then going to SONIC before I starve. Okay I know it will take awhile to starve but I am hungry!



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