Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

So VERY sleepy! I am really tired. I have testing all day and severely need to be grading during that time but I am so groggy I can barely keep my head up. The weeks are long now that I am so busy. I remember being in Maine and feeling sad and alone a lot. I also remember being in my parent's basement and feeling like I had no life or friends at 35. So, I am thankful for the business, I am just a lot tired.

Kendra's birthday party is the next big event on the map. Should be fun. It is going to be an odd cross section of people and it should be a lot of fun.

I think Reality Check went well again last night. I felt the spirit's presence with me as I spoke. I had been concerned that I hadn't given as much time as I needed to the prep of the message but God really gave me words. It was way chem!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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The Altar and the Door
By Casting Crowns
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Jasper Speaks:

Jackson was up coughing again last night. Thank goodness we have a new doctor's appointment on the
schedule! I am wiped out! He was REALLY awake and played around a lot when we put
him in our bed. ARGH! I have had like twelve hours of sleep in the pastthree days. YIKES!

Today is test review day in my classes. So far (after two) it has been pretty fun. It makes the hour go by pretty quickly.

I have started a second XANGA site for school. It is

Mostly it is for posting homework but it will also be a blog place for me.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jasper Speaks:

SO TIRED! Small Group ran late last night and then Jackson was up coughing. I can't wait until the court papers come and we can take him to a new pediatrician. I have to go to Sam's this afternoon and put in orders for Kendra's party food. It is a busy week for sure. God is working on me a lot and that is good.

One of the things I love most in the world is to see young people grow in Christ. that definitely happens at Small Group! I love it!

Well, I have a TON of papers to grade! Got to go! have a great day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

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The Inspirational Study Bible
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Jasper Speaks:

The adoption date went well. I cried. He is ours!

Mostly, I like teaching at my new school. Lots of things are better. One thing I CAN'T STAND is that we have a full-time copy lady. Now that might sound like it would make our lives easier but in fact it makes them more difficult. We have to have stuff way in advance ready to go. Then there are days like today when the copy lady is out. There is no sub so the work just stops. I have A LOT of copies to be made today and here I sit in a long queue in the teacher's lounge wasting time that I could be getting other stuff done, waiting to make my own copies. It is just dumb!

I am so sleepy.

We are just scant days away from Kendra's 30th Birthday party. Her birthday is Wednesday and her party is Saturday. COOL! I just have A LOT to do between now and then! YIKES!