Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Jasper Speaks:

The report from the doctor today was not as earth shattering as we may ave expected. He is new to mom's case and saw her yesterday (which apparently was one of the WORSE days she has had throughout this experience) bit was not aware of how up and down she could be. So when he saw her today and she was sitting up and lucid, it changed his thoughts a bot. It ended up being
a conversation mostly that confirmed what we already knew. Mom is not going to get any better than she is now. It is the drugs that are keeping her as good as she is and they have been steadily increasing the meds to maintain her health. He encouraged us to let mom, in her very lucid state, make a final decision on the DNR order. After talking and coming the the conclusion that, unless the Lord intervenes, that she is never going to be better than right now. Even though he could not give us a timeline, the end is eminent.

We then went into her room and asked mom what she wanted and she, without a beat, she told us if she went into cardiac arrest, she would want no heroic measures. Although this is NEVER something you want to hear, there was a peace in the room at the time she told us this. We proceeded to make her wishes known to the hospital staff. Darla and I spent the rest of the afternoon there alone with her (as dad went to run a few errands) and it was a sweet, special time.

Please continue to pray as the coming days will be hard for sure. Dad is still having a great amount of difficulty accepting all of this. Please pray that he will come to acceptance and that we will have the patience we need to help him get there.

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