Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I got a call from Darla tonight saying that the Doctor came in and talked to she and dad. The news was grim. Sher had a very bad dialysis day and he feels that the treatments are only hurting her. He is suggesting that we immediately stop the treatments. She will stay on the drug that helps keep the blood pressure up as her and she will slowly slip from us in a peaceful way. The doctors believe that will happen in about a week or two. Of course mom has always been one to defy the odds so I would not be surprised if she held out just a little longer to prove them wrong! :) Seriously, it is a difficult time for us but I know that any day she could have ultimate healing and that brings reassurance.

The question now becomes, what next? Do we have her come home? Do we take her to a care facility? Does she spend those last few days in one of our homes? Does she stay at the hospital? When initially asked she seemed reluctant to leave the hospital. We want what she wants and what will be best for her.

Please especially pray for dad. He seemed to hear the doctors only say that she could come home. His love for her is great and he is having such a hard time accepting the demise. Pray for us as we know how best to minister to him.

I will keep you all posted. Thanks for praying.

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