Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I went to see Mom today. She has had a lot of bad days and just a few good. She was better over the weekend but has gone downhill since then. Today when I was at the hospital she was the worst I have seen her in awhile. She was not very responsive at all and some of the "twitching" that she had before the dialysis started has come ack even though she is still on dialysis.

We are praying for wisdom about what to do from here. If she stabilizes, we have to decide about whether there is any way at all she can go home (which I don't really see as a possibility) or try and find a good nursing facility that will accept medicare and medicaid. It is a difficult time but I thank you for praying.

School went well again today. I got a lot done. I finished up lesson plans for English II everyday through the middle of February. That means if something comes up and I need to take off, the plans are set for the sub. I need to get that far with American Lit tomorrow and the next day.

Huckabee did not win in NH. I stillhave faith that America can get it right and he can still be our choice for President. The stats I posted yesterday still say overall, Mike is the man the people want.

I start a new series at Reality Check tomorrow. I am getting excited about it. It is called Heart of a Champion and we will be studying what it means to really live a life for God with your whole heart. It should be really cool to see what God will do through it.

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